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19, Váhy, Italy, Palermo
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Galérie chránené heslom
У тебя точно встанет на меня
Люблю себя
Привлекательное и завораживающие
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Sex Žena
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Vek 19
Výška 161 - 170 cm
Hmotnosť 45 - 55 kg
Vlasy Blondína
Oči Modrý
Etnický pôvod Biely/Kavkazan
Jazyky Ruština, Angličtina
Rodné mesto Palermo
Ochlpenie Vyholená
Poprsie Stredné
Zadok Stredné
Čo ma vzrušuje
I am pleased to hear compliments. It's nice to feel desired, precious, beautiful. It doesn't matter if I met a few days ago or if I've been married for twenty years.
Words mean a lot to almost every woman. Therefore, a man who does not skimp on compliments and "hot" phrases always gets exactly the reward he dreams of — a passionate and bright partner.
O mne
Hello everyone! My name is Mila and I am 19 years old). I really like to chat and relax with my friends. I really love sports, it helps to maintain my figure. Volleyball is my favorite, I've been doing it for many years. My favorite hobbies are singing and playing the ukulele. I spend my free time modestly: reading, relaxing, watching movies and mostly cartoons), favorite movies: "Twilight", "Avatar", "The Green Mile" and "Three meters above the sky", from cartoons I like: "Madagascar" (all parts), "Puzzle" and other Disney cartoons. But sometimes, there comes a moment when life is divided into "Before" and "After". I lose the point of moving on and step on a crooked path. And in the darkness there is a light at the end of the tunnel that I paved the way to. But at what cost?
Čo ma rozladí
If you think that ignoring me makes you look more witty, then no. At first, your mystique may seem interesting to me. But if a guy sits on the show for 30 minutes and doesn't talk to me, then I don't like it. However, the opposite activity doesn't look any better to me. This means that talking a lot and only about sex with me is the way to nowhere. More precisely, this is the way out of my show, where you are sitting, since listening to the monologue was not included in the program. The reason for this is obvious: I want to see that you are more interested in me than in your sexual fantasies.
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  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?

    My favorite position is 69, when I lie on top of a young man, he caresses my pussy with his tongue, and I suck his cock. In this position, I get a lot of orgasms, it excites me very much when mch cums in my mouth, it turns me on terribly. In general, I really like blowjob, it's even difficult to fal... Zobraziť viac

  2. 2. Why morning sex is the best?

    For loving partners, this is a great opportunity to bring variety to intimate life and improve relationships. A positive charge and high spirits are guaranteed 😎

  3. 3. Domination or obedience?

    In a relationship, I observe the development of energy. If there is a lot of YANG in a partner (dominance, affirmation, attack), I contrast YIN (silence, submission, question, pulling...). If the opposite is the case, then the opposite is the case. Usually two or three swings of the pendulum are eno... Zobraziť viac

  4. 4. What was your best orgasm?

    I was 19 at the time, and I only had an orgasm when I stimulated my clitoris. One day I was cooking dinner and I had spontaneous sex in the kitchen with my partner when he was standing on the floor and I was sitting on the counter, and I experienced the first vaginal orgasm of my life. Something abo... Zobraziť viac

  5. 5. Where would you like to have sex?

    Blowjob in the fitting room of an expensive store. Beautiful view, mirrors all around, someone is messing around in the neighboring fitting rooms. I would really like that. 👅 👄

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300 žetónov
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iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max
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MacBook Air 15
MacBook Air 15
Красивый, качественный и удобный ноутбук, который пригодится мне в работе
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веселая, милая девушка с которой можно приятно провести вечер)
Милая и сладкая девушка 🥰
«Балала-балала-балалайка — зараза!» А Мила просто ходячее-сидячее-болтучее-певуч
счастье ))
Шикарная, активная и очень сексапильная герл!!! 5 баллов
it`s beatiful girl ❤️❤️❤❤️❤️❤
Модель воплощение ваших фонтазий, в комнате всегда положительная атмосфера общение, эротика и разврат в привате. Всем рекамендую отвал башки просто ТОПЧИК.

очень приятная в общении))девушка с шикарной попой)
Делает шикарные сальто под бразильский фонг. 5 ток, и акробатический этюд ваш. Великолепная реклама краски, чилл атмосфера. Велком ту зе кам зон БЕАЧЕС
Самый яркий цветок на Бонге!!! Солнечная,яркая,общительная!!!
милая красивая и нежная мечта добрая прекрасная одна есть во вселенной милая пошучивает любит пошутить и оставить токены ей очень приятно ласковая и нежная девушка добрая девчоннка
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